Chinese New Year Parties at Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy Intertwine Dragons, Love

Chinese New Year Party at Shark

With the Lunar New Year intertwining this month with the season of love, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy are gearing up for a spectacular fusion of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations at Mandarin Club, Red Dragon Club & Lounge and Shark Club Feb. 10-14.

In a unique blend of cultural festivities and romantic celebrations, the three co-owned bars are hosting combined parties for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day over five nights.

This year, marking the “Year of the Red Dragon,” these venues have adopted the theme to honor both the Lunar New Year and the season of love, employing the hashtag “#YearOfTheRedDragon” across their social media platforms.

Chinese New Year Shows

The highlight of each night’s party will be Chinese mask shows that merge traditional Chinese culture with the sexy side of Bangkok nightlife.

In addition, guests can win prizes and vouchers through lucky draws, adding an element of anticipation to the evening’s entertainment.

Another highlight will be the carnival-style darts game, positioned outside each club’s entrance. Here, customers are challenged to pop balloons with darts to win prizes.

Inside, the ambiance is enriched by the dozens of dancers dressed in eye-catching Mandarin Red and gold-trimmed outfits. These range from elegant dresses and short qipaos to themed lingerie, reflecting the dual celebration of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Cultural Significance and Festive Spirit

Chinese New Year holds a special place in Thailand, home to a significant ethnic Chinese community.

This Lunar New Year celebration is widely recognized throughout the country, with festivities that include family gatherings, traditional foods and public events that showcase Chinese culture.

The “Year of the Dragon”, considered the most auspicious year in the Chinese zodiac, carries unique significance.

Dragons are symbols of power, strength and good luck in Chinese culture, making years designated under this sign particularly special.

Unlike the years that precede and follow it – the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Snake, respectively – the Year of the Dragon is believed to bring forth innovation, growth and prosperity.