VIDEO: Enjoy Great Nights at Club Insomnia Pattaya

A firm favorite for avid clubbers in Pattaya for 16 years, Club Insomnia continues to redefine the city’s nightlife, drawing in crowds of tourists, expats, and regulars.

Known for its electrifying vibe, unparalleled music and mesmerizing decor, Club Insomnia has made a name for itself not just as an epicenter of fun, but also as a trendsetter in Pattaya’s entertainment industry.

Born in the Extreme City in November 2010, Club Insomnia quickly cemented its position as a top late-night spot. After a few years, the club expanded iin the heart of Walking Street retaining its distinctive long and thin layout.

The club’s architectural aesthetics are as much a part of its appeal as the music and crowd. Upon entering, patrons are greeted by a massive hall adorned with crisscrossing strobe lights, laser beams, and a giant suspended disco ball that sets the tone for a night of pulsating rhythms and infectious energy. The resident DJ booth, equipped with top-notch gear, dominates one side of the room, next to a stage framed by two cage-like spaces for dancers.

Club Insomnia a Pattaya Landmark

“Club Insomnia is one of the true landmark clubs of Pattaya; it’s synonymous with the names Pattaya and Walking Street. Sixteen years in the game, it’s no fluke Insomnia laid the groundwork for all the up and coming clubs on the strip,” says the team at ECE Pattaya that made the above video.

“Packed by crowds seven nights a week, Insomnia on Walking Street is the best nightlife hotspot in Pattaya,” said one clubgoer in an online review.

Patrons are treated to an exhilarating mix of house, trance and techno tunes spun by a cadre of resident and international DJs. While some venues might cater to broader tastes with live music, Club Insomnia has carved out a niche for itself among aficionados of electronic genres.

A testament to the club’s popularity is its pricing, offering affordability and an array of choices that appeal to every pocket. With beers priced from 160 baht, bottles of whiskey from 1,900 baht and mixers from 85 baht.

More Than Just a Disco

Beyond the pulsating music and dance floors, Club Insomnia also includes the Insomnia iBar, the chic iSalon beauty salon, and the iDiner (former New York Diner) overlooking Pattaya Bay, offering an all-encompassing entertainment experience.

Whether you’re seeking a wild dance floor, a chill lounge, or a space to enjoy a cocktail and conversation, Club Insomnia has it all. The professional English-speaking service team and management ensure a smooth experience, always ready to assist and update patrons about what’s happening within the venue.

Sixteen years after its birth, Club Insomnia remains a dominant force in Pattaya’s nightlife, consistently offering a unique clubbing experience that keeps people coming back. As ECE Pattaya said: “Many have tried and failed, many have copied, but never get it right. If you want a guaranteed great night out on Walking Street take in Insomnia Club.”

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