Win ฿100,000 at Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary Party Celebration

The Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary celebration is coming, with a million baht given away to fans and Boy Peacemaker on stage Nov. 17.

For nearly two decades, Club Insomnia has been a bastion of night-time revelry, a place where the music doesn’t stop until the sun rises.

As the venue reflects on 17 years of dance, music, and memories, it’s clear that Insomnia isn’t just a club; it’s a cultural phenomenon.

With its inception as an underground hotspot, it has transformed into a titan of entertainment, maintaining its edge with cutting-edge light shows and a sound system that captures the very essence of techno and house music.

As patrons enter the world of Insomnia, they are immersed in an audio-visual spectacle. The LED displays are not just lights; they narrate the club’s history, flickering to the rhythm of a thousand nights spent dancing away life’s trivialities.

Every corner of the space is designed to offer a sensory overload, from the main dance floor that vibrates with the energy of ecstatic club-goers to the more intimate corners where stories and drinks are shared.

The Peacemaker Takes the Insomnia 17th Anniversary Stage

The spotlight of the Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary party shines on Boy Peacemaker, the stage name of Anuwat Sanguansakpakdee. This Thai musical icon is renowned for his emotive vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics, which have captivated fans across the nation.

His journey started with the band Peacemaker, soaring to fame with two successful albums before taking the bold step into a solo career that spawned the acclaimed album “Sense of Sound.”

Boy’s presence at Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary party is not just a performance; it’s a celebration of Thai music and the indelible mark it has left on the hearts of fans.

Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary

Anuwat’s personal story of success, his long-standing relationship culminating in marriage to actress Pitchanart Sakhakorn, and their joint venture into the culinary world with Shabu King and Childhood Cafe mirror the club’s narrative of growth and community.

Club Insomnia’s 17th Anniversary is more than a party; it’s a tribute to the club’s evolution and its role as a cornerstone of Pattaya’s nightlife.

The event is expected to draw a myriad of guests, from the city’s locals to international tourists, all eager to be a part of this landmark celebration. The excitement is palpable, with the promise of an appearance by Boy Peacemaker only heightening the anticipation.

A Million Baht Build-Up

In the days leading up to the Insomnia 17th Anniversary party, the club is hosting a series of nightly giveaways, culminating in a grand prize of 1 million baht. This generous initiative has added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities, drawing in crowds with the allure of not just world-class entertainment but the chance to win big.

With its dual offering of the high-energy Club Insomnia and the chic Insomnia iBar, complete with a terrace offering stunning views of Pattaya Bay, guests can oscillate between the euphoria of the dance floor and the tranquility of the bay breeze.

The venue promises an array of experiences, whether you’re there to see Boy Peacemaker perform live or to soak in the vibrant atmosphere that has made Club Insomnia a legend.

As the Insomnia 17th Anniversary approaches, the message is clear: Prepare to be swept away by a night of historic celebration.

Club Insomnia Pattaya is ready to once again redefine what it means to party in Thailand’s Extreme City.

For one night, the past and the present will merge in a dance of light and sound, led by the soulful melodies of Boy Peacemaker. Get ready to be a part of history at the Club Insomnia 17th Anniversary Party.