Daves Raves – 02/12/2010

HIGH SEASON OR IS IT? This time of year in Thailand, we are normally greeted by a considerably cooler climate and a massive surge of tourists.  This year neither has happened to any noticeable extent.  It was reported in the Thai news that the tourist arrivals for the so called high season are ‘disappointing’ to quote the Thai authorities.  Mind you, it’s not surprising considering we witnessed a mini civil war in Bangkok earlier this year.  Recently Thailand suffered terrible floods in certain regions.  Furthermore, an incredibly strong Thai baht adds to the problems facing Thailand’s tourist industry.  Also, the type of foreign visitor has changed and there are less Westerners visiting for various reasons.  While the number of Arabs, Africans, Indians and Asians is increasing, the overall number of Westerners has decreased.

DRY DAYS – Just a warning that 03/12/10, 04/12/10 and 05/12/10 might be dry days due to Thai government elections.  Police papers have been issued, but as you probably know things can change at last minute.  Furthermore, laws and regulations vary from district to district in Bangkok, so always be prepared for that.

HIS MAJESTY KING’S BIRTHDAY – This coming Sunday (05/12/10) is His Majesty King Of Thailand’s birthday and we expect the bars to be open, as they were last year.

PATPONG – Spankys 3 in Patpong Soi 2 has been sold back to the original owners.  The latest news is Spankys 3 will be remodelled and renamed The Strip, as it was previously.

PATPONG – BarBar is an exclusive fetish club and it is one of the few fetish venues in Thailand.  You can check out BarBar’s website by clicking on the banner below…