Hangover Part 2 – The Tour!

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Yes believe it or not you can now do the Bangkok Hangover Tour.  My old friend Bruce who has been in the tour business for 22 years and is somewhat of a celebrity in Bangkok, especially around the watering holes of  soi 33, has give me the exclusive on his new tour.

I urge readers to visit the website www.bangkokhangovertours.com and read the articles section as I was asked to make some suggestions for the tour.  Obviously the tour will focus on Soi Cowboy since two of the bars featured in the film are there, The Tilac and the Cactus.

There is also a mock up of the White Lion in the film which they shot on soi 7/1 I believe and the Bangkok nightlife tour starts there.    Bruce tells me they will be taking people down the river to Kao San Road (commercial backpackers hangout) and then, over to the Sirocco at the Lebua State Tower for a complimentary cocktail before hitting the town. Then it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty at Tilac Go-Go Bar in Soi Cowboy.

I have have always said the Go Go girls are better and the shows are better at Nana so hopefully some of the more hardcore party goers will make there way over to Nana Plaza and find out what they have been missing.  I also suggested some Bangkok nightclubs, like Climax Club, Nana Liquid and Club Insomnia for the real ravers.

Bruce tells me they will offer a complimentary  face tattoo to anyone who books their mother in law on the tour! (that’s a free tat on the mother in law!). Katoeys or lady-boys are extra of course and they have had to draw the line at machine guns, drugs and endangered animals, but pretty much anything else goes!

I have been offered a tour for free and look forward to giving it a try so I can write up about it.  Knowing ole Bruce and all the tours he has done to the Tiger Temple over the years, I will probably be giving the Hangover 2 Tour two thumbs up.  But I will report back to you, once I have given it a try.  As your intrepid investigator, I will sacrifice myself once again. It’s a tough life!

More updates to the website coming soon…
Dave Rave | Create Your Badge