Juicy Buds Bangkok

jucy buds bangkok


Hard to imagine that not that long ago if you were busted with even a small about of marijuana in Thailand you could be facing a year in jail and a 10,000 THB fine.

Fast forward to today  and you can walk into a café and smoke a joint (which some sexy girl may even roll up for you) sit back, relax and have your coffee and Thai Stick

Cannabis stores are popping up like mushrooms all over Bangkok and there are even now several Cannabis trucks selling their wares on the move. They have been spotted in nightlife areas like Silom.

The speed of the change in Thailand would blow away even Cheech & Chong.

By the way, looking at the prices I see Legalizing cannabis has not made it cheaper as you might have expected. I remember when a big bag of ‘Thai Stick’ was about 500 Baht, now it seems you pay up to 1,000 Baht per gram at some of these establishments.

Juicy Buds inside Juicy on Sukhumvit Soi 11

One of the best cannabis stores in Bangkok I have heard is Juicy Buds Thailand in the Sugar complex on Sukhumvit Soi 11 and they even have an online cannabis store. They have been so successful that they are opening a new Cannabis Shop in Phuket at the Sugar Complex on Bangla Road, Patong on the 20th of August

They seem to it have it well organized there with a full dispensary in a nice relaxing setting.

From what I have heard some of this stuff will literally blow your head off so it’s a lot stronger than that bag of ‘sensimilla’ we used to get.

Is it a good thing? Hard to say at this stage but it definitely won’t do tourism any harm with Thailand being the only SE Asian country to offer Sand, Sea, Sex and now Splif.  Tourism could well hit a new high 🙂 Let the good times roll!