Lace Lounge Nana Plaza
Lace Lounge in Nana Plaza gives off that "sexy speakeasy" vibe. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

After months of anticipation, Nana Plaza’s newest bar, Lace Lounge, will open March 1 upstairs from Tycoon AGoGo.

Lace Lounge is the plaza’s first-ever “hidden bar”, tucked away up a narrow, steep staircase just to the right of doors at Tycoon, which shares the same ownership. There also is a hidden staircase inside Tycoon where guests can take ladies from the downstairs bar to the club upstairs.

Entering Lace, guests will discover a high-end speakeasy that can accommodate about 50 people, all on plush, comfy, high-backed red sofas lining the walls. A low, pill-shaped stage sits in the center of the club with space enough for three dancers.

Dancing isn’t the focus at Lace Lounge, however. The music level is lower, the lights are lower and the vibe chill. Lace is the place to take your favorite Tycoon totty or meet a Lace lady and get to know each other better on a cozy sofa.

Smoking is not allowed inside Lace, but there is a novel smoking patio, unseen in Nana for more than a decade, where smokers can overlook bustling Soi 4 while reclining in overstuffed easychairs.

Lace Lounge gives off a definite high-class vibe, with custom-ordered paintings on the walls featuring Tycoon and Lace’s mascot, Mr. Moneybags from the Monopoly game, engaged in various antics, some of which Parker Bros. would not approve of. The walls are papered with wallpaper reminiscent of Luis Vutton and Prada.

The bar, too, will be top-shelf, with spirts and “proper” cocktails that aren’t available downstairs at Tycoonn.

Lace Lounge will open its doors with a full complement of ladies, as Tycoon’s management has been ramping up staffing for weeks, adding an additional mamasan to bring and manage additional dancers while construction was wrapping up.

Lace Lounge Opening Poster

Lace Lounge’s Long Road to Opening

It’s been a long road to opening for Lace Lounge, whose owners originally planned to open in October last year. Dates slipped to November, then December, then January. Finally they just gave up setting dates.

The problem was the usual Thai construction issues involving subcontractors, payment advances, supply issues, rain, and all the usual excuses. Manager Rudy spent weeks on end at Nana during daytimes to keep workers going before coming back to do the night shift. Diligence by all the foreign staff this year finally saw the job done before high season expires.

Lace Lounge is now the talk of the Plaza, with many other bar owners stopping in to see the gorgeous layout for themselves. The public will finally get its chance Friday at 8 p.m.