Lollipop Opens Early for Nana Plaza Songkran Bash April 13-15

Nana Plaza Songkran Lollipop 2024

Not to be outdone by Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza Songkran is leveling up with Lollipop Bangkok opening for a party at noon April 13-15.

It will be wet & wild on Cowboy, with Baccara, Shark and Suzie Wong among the go-go bars opening their outside patio bars at 2 p.m.

Nana Plaza Songkran Water Wars Now History

It used to be just as soggy at Nana Plaza Songkran parties, with all the ground floor bars opening daytimes during the Thai New Year for water-soaked fun. But after a roof went up over the former shopping center water inside the horseshoe-shaped complex has become a thing of the past. The last water war inside was 2018.

Nonetheless, Lollipop will try to entice punters to its outside bar, which will be stocked with beer and babes. Think of it as a port in the storm, a dry island in the middle of an ocean of water. Soi 4 outside will be heaving with punters all armed with water guns and buckets. If you need a break and a beer, Lollipop will be your safe haven.

Of course, many a Nana Plaza Songkran reveler will be able to bring one of the Lollipop Lasses outside for some water-filled fun. Maybe all the way up the street to a nearby dry hotel and towel. As they say in Thailand, it’s “up to you”.

Lollipop will be open 12-6 p.m. all three days of Songkran, Saturday through Monday, with normal go-go activities resuming inside at 7 p.m.