Buddy’s Bar & Grill Celebrates National Onion Rings Day with Free Onion Rings at All Bangkok Locations

National Onion Rings Day at Buddy's Bar & Grill
National Onion Rings Day at Buddy's Bar & Grill

In a delicious display of culinary genius, Buddy’s Bar & Grill is giving away free onion rings Thursday for National Onion Rings Day.

All five of the popular restaurant’s Bangkok locations on including Sois 8, 20, 22 & 89, and the spot in Silom, will be participating in the festivities on June 22, offering complimentary onion rings to patrons.

No purchase is necessary to enjoy this treat, but it’s a one-order-per-group offer, and it’s dine-in only – no takeaways allowed.

National Onion Rings Day: A Savory Celebration

National Onion Rings Day, recognized every June 22, is a day dedicated to the deep-fried delight that is the onion ring.

The history of this day is as crunchy and golden as the snack it honors. Celebrations for the day were initially kick-started by fast-food chains and gastropubs, and it quickly caught on, eventually becoming a national food holiday celebrated by foodies across the globe. As with many of these fun foodie holidays, the goal is to promote the enjoyment of a specific food – in this case, the beloved onion ring.

On this day, the humble onion ring is elevated from a side dish to the star of the show, and restaurants like Buddy’s Bar & Grill honor the occasion with special deals and offers.

This year, they’re inviting you to join them in celebrating the flavorful joy of perfectly prepared onion rings.

The Crispy, Golden Appeal of Onion Rings

But why onion rings? What is it about this particular food that’s inspired an entire day of recognition?

Onion rings are an iconic snack, loved for their simple yet satisfying combination of sweetness, crunch, and savory flavor. The exact origin of onion rings is a bit murky, but they are believed to have made their culinary debut in the early 20th century.

Cookbooks from the 1930s show recipes for deep-fried onion rings, suggesting that they’ve been a beloved snack for almost a century.

They’ve since become a staple side dish in fast-food restaurants and pubs worldwide, often served with burgers and steaks. The crispy outer layer, coupled with the soft, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor of the onion, makes this dish a popular choice among food lovers.

Buddy’s Bar & Grill: Perfect Spot for National Onion Rings Day

In Bangkok, one of the prime locations to celebrate National Onion Rings Day is, without a doubt, Buddy’s Bar & Grill. They have been serving a wide array of mouth-watering dishes since their inception, and their onion rings are a fan favorite.

To mark this year’s National Onion Rings Day, Buddy’s Bar & Grill is upping the ante by offering free onion rings. Remember, no purchase is necessary to enjoy this deal – it’s a gift to you from Buddy’s as a way to say thank you for your support and to join in on the national foodie fun.

If you’re in Bangkok on June 22, be sure to stop by one of Buddy’s Bar & Grill’s five locations to enjoy this special offer. And don’t forget to share your experience on social media using the hashtags #OnionRingsDay and #NationalOnionRingsDay.

National Onion Rings Day is not just a celebration of onion rings; it’s also a day that underscores our love for food and the experiences shared around it. So grab a friend, head down to your nearest Buddy’s, and enjoy the crunchy, savory goodness of their free onion rings.