Buddy’s New Year’s Parties a Festive Friendly Feast

Buddy's new year's parties

Buddy’s Bar & Grill has lots of parties, but New Year’s parties are a bit different.

 At the monthly barbecues or any holiday party, Buddy’s foreign bosses are in charge. They organize and oversee each one. But, for the annual New Year’s parties, the Thai staff takes over.

The bosses come in early and ensure everything is ready. And then they check out, starting a well-deserved break after a frenetic December, which included Christmas parties, barbecues and sports events.

5 Buddy’s New Year’s parties

So, with the Thais in charge, what do they do? Cook! The parties Sunday at Buddy’s Soi 8, 20, 22, 89 and in Silom features a feast of free Thai food, all starting from 7:30 p.m.

Come into Buddy’s and feed your face while watching the Dec. 31 Premier League matches. There also are free bar snacks throughout the night.

Finally, as the countdown reaches midnight, you’ll be gifted a free glass of champagne to toast 2024.

Buddy’s is a great place and atmosphere to celebrate with new year’s parties. The food is good, and free, and the staff is warm and welcoming.