New Nana Plaza Bars
Construction underway at Lace Lounge, above Tycoon aGoGo.

Two new Nana Plaza bars under construction in “hidden” spaces will expand the size and layout of the Soi 4 entertainment complex for the first time in more than a decade.

The closure of Nana’s short-time hotels in April has left large amount of floorspace unused, even though the plaza’s owners continued to charge rent on it. The tenants holding those leases finally are putting their rent money to good use.

Two new bars are being carved out of spaces where there have never been bars before. Combined with the hammering and sawing underway at the former Whiskey & Go-Go, the entire northwest corner of Nana Plaza looks, sounds and smells like a construction site during the day.

New Nana Plaza Bars: Lace Lounge

Upstairs from Tycoon aGoGo, hammering and nailing finally is moving ahead swiftly at Lace Lounge, a small club being built in the spot that was the lobby of a short-time hotel and, a decade ago, the short-lived Erotica karaoke bar.

Planning and some construction – new flooring and wall-removal mostly – for Lace has been going on sporadically for months. But workers finally got on the job daily in late August with an October deadline set for completion.

Lace, a small venue, will not be a conventional go-go bar but more a dark, cozy lounge where customers can take ladies from Tycoon (and other bars) and relax with only one or two girls dancing on a small stage.

Ownership is made up of Tycoon’s principal owner and a former partner in the now-sold Whiskey, which also has been turned to sawdust.

New Nana Plaza Bars: 3 Floors of ?

The other surprising development revealed itself on Nana’s top floor this week at the spot that was once a Thai-food kitchen and short-time hotel. The entire space – which spans three floors – was sold to, of course, Tee, the plaza’s biggest landlord and operator of all but one of the Rainbow bars, Twister BKK, the Bunny bars and more.

The plan is to covert the middle-floor space, which is above the stairs and accessible through double-doors, into a small-size go-go bar. An inside staircase will go up to a floor where the first set of hotel rooms used to be. That reportedly will become a pool or live-music bar, or both.

And, the real stunner, is that the very top floor – basically Nana Plaza’s roof – will be converted into an open-air pub. It notable that that part of building is not entirely covered by Nana’s roof.

New Nana Plaza Bars: Butterlfies Short-Time Hotel Space

There’s been no confirmation from the owner of Butterflies and Billboard, but the Nana rumor mill has it that the (very nice) short-time hotel next to Butterflies also will be turned into a new go-go bar, possibly even a ladyboy bar. That would make three new Nana Plaza bars.

The space is small and divided up into small rooms, so all those walls would have to come out. But even wide-open, any go-go would be the size of the middle-floor ladboy bars B-52 and Wonderland. Or the size of Rainbow 69.

Billboard’s owner has been using the hotel as a big storage closet, often to the point its hard to walk through it. But rent is still being charged, making it one of the most expensive storage lockers around.

When Will the New Nana Plaza Bars Open?

As noted, the target for completion of Lace Lounge is October. If work completes on time – and that’s a big “if” – then a November opening makes sense.

As for Tee’s new venture, there’s a lot of work to be done. The first level – the go-go bar – could be open by the end of October, but renovation of the top two floors likely won’t be finished for months after that.

The biggest just keeps getting bigger with two new Nana Plaza bars. Most people thought there wasn’t any room to put in another bar, but new chrome pole palaces are being carved out of spots never envisioned for them. Come next year, there may be three new go-gos to choose from.