In Photos: New Nana Plaza Murals Bring ‘Neon Realism’ To Bangkok’s Best Nightlife Area

Two more sets of new Nana Plaza murals make Bangkok’s best adult-nightlife area also its best-looking.

All the signs of “Banana Plaza” are now gone inside the Sukhumvit Soi 4 bar complex, with the bright yellow interior walls now repainted and it three stairwells covered in graffiti-style wall art that anyone with an opinion that matters calling them fantastic.

The new Nana Plaza murals are the pet project of Nana Plaza’s primary owner who has invested a lot of his time and attention into ensuring the work is top-notch and well-received.

New Nana Plaza Murals
One of the new Nana Plaza murals, enticing punters to go up the main stairs. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

After the universal praise for the first set of murals from guests, artists and art critics, two more collections have been completed in Nana’s other two stairwells.

New Nana Plaza Murals Go New Wave, Neon

As seen in the exclusive shots by Digital a-Go-Go, one Neon Realism collection is a throwback to the age of New Wave, with three women in fluorescent colors and glasses. You’d imagine them on stage in Nana Plaza with fluorescent body paint wriggling under black lights.  Below the portraits the walls are covered in a neon tiger print that lights up the stairs without the need of overhead lighting.

The other collection of new Nana Plaza murals adds more ambience to the main staircase and entrance to Tycoon AGogo and Lace Lounge, already attractive on their own.

Here, a dancer in stilettos, stockings and cowboy pants extends a leg along the staircase, inviting guests to take a closer look at the delights that await on the new floor. It just so happens that, on that floor, sits Tycoon and Lace Lounge, with its all-new LED signage and projected rotating logos on its signature neon blue walls and steps.

Continuing the top floor there are more sexy legs and garter belts in various blue and green hues, wrapping around the elevator and in front of Bun Bun 2.

Nana’s owner said Wednesday that the three sets of new Nana Plaza murals are basically complete with only minor “touchups” needed. However, those touchups won’t come until January as the artists has returned to England for the rest of this year.

From its sheer numbers of visitors, quality bars and girls, to its cleanliness, safety and location, there’s no debate anymore that Nana Plaza is miles ahead of Patpong and surpasses Soi Cowboy as the “World’s No. 1 Adult Playground”.

But that doesn’t mean its ownership and management is resting on its laurels. The plaza’s owners said even more upgrades are planned and coming this year, but details of what they are will remain a secret for now.

Nana Plaza Murals Years in Making

Management has wanted to do something with the interior walls for years. Back in the middle of the last decade, a middle-floor wall was covered in a vinyl rendering of a buxom, bikini-clad woman giving you that look. As far backs as 2016, management had looked around for graffiti artists to paint the walls, but plans never panned out.

But Nana’s owners got serious last year and commissioned well-known British graffiti artist to create the new Nana Plaza murals as an upmarket makeover. The rollout was quality top-to-bottom, slow and methodical. And the results paid off.

The transformation with the new Nana Plaza murals has been deliberate, but quality from top to bottom. With Nana Plaza, the best keep getting better.