Dollies of the Day – 14 Sexy Shark PR Girls

Shark PR Girls

Shark Club on Soi Cowboy has a lot of sexy PR girls. How many? This many Shark PR girls!

The group photo of the Shark PR girls was taken Thursday at Shark’s monthly Full Moon Party . Every party features Day-Glo costumes, black lights, glowbands, body paint and lots of drunken fun!

Thursday – the first day back from the Buddhist holidays – should have been a bumper night for Bangkok’s bars, but Mother Nature had other plans. Heavy rain throughout the afternoon dripped into the evening hours with umbrellas needed until almost 9 p.m.

Shark PR Girls

For Soi Cowboy, that washed out a lot of the crowd. That is everywhere except Shark Club, which threw its monthly Full Moon Party. Shark was packed from early on until after 10 p.m. and there was a large crop of girls for the party. Those who had started their night at Shark and then went elsewhere were a bit shocked at how slow every other bar seemed to be in comparison.

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