Soi Cowboy Is Closed On 25/06/2011

Due to Thai elections Soi Cowboy will be CLOSED this Saturday (25/06/2011). However, I suspect most bars and go-go bars in Nana Plaza and along Soi Nana, will be open on Saturday, but they are not officially supposed to serve alcohol. You are therefore, probably best advised to make Friday your main night out this weekend. The booze will be freely flowing again from 8pm on Sunday.

I also discovered that most bars, especially go-go bars, will be CLOSED on Saturday (25/06/2011) down in Pattaya.

This is a strange law for a country that partly relies on its tourist industry. The no alcohol law originates from America. In the days of the wild west, a ban on alcohol prior to elections was introduced. An American friend informed me that it was to prevent people getting drunk and then shooting somebody over a political preference. I guess they didn’t call it the wild west for nothing!