Tide Is High But We’re Holding On!

Flooding on Silom many years ago
Don't Panic it has all happened many times before!
Flooding on Silom many years ago
Don't Panic It Has Happened Before!

5th Anniversary Of This Website – I am happy to announce  this week we celebrate five fantastic years of Dave The Rave. From humble beginnings, the popularity of the Go-Go Guru has grown phenomenally over the years. And get this, it all started to keep my friends informed about fun in the sun! This website now receives between 20,000 and 50,000 Unique Visitors a month. Now that’s a lot of friends for what is technically a one man blog!

An honoured compliment comes from Stickman who has congratulated me on the growing popularity of my website. In terms of the vast number of people who read Stickman Weekly religiously (as I do), I am proud of Stickman’s praise for my website.

To celebrate I have some FREE drinks to give away at Angelwitch Go-Go Bar in Nana Plaza, so please join me and let’s party! I will also be handing out FREE copies of After Dark Asia magazine. Due to the floods in Thailand, I intend to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Go-Go Guru throughout November and December. This is not only a chance for us to party, but for me to show my appreciation to you.

I have some great news with the addition of a brand new nightlife information page on Cambodia and Phnom Phen.  I have to thank my webmaster Toby for helping me with this and putting in a lot of gruelling bar hopping in Phnom Penh over several visits (poor guy!).  Please check it out!

In addition, I am adding another selection of stunning Thai girls to chase away the flooding blues. The situation in downtown Bangkok remains dry and we are optimistic that the massive pumping out currently underway will ease the situation for Bangkok residents in the next couple of weeks. Our sympathies and commiserations go out to the Thai people who have had their homes flooded and their lives disrupted. Not forgetting of course, the hundreds that tragically died.  It pays to remember this has happened before and I have no doubt that ‘Teflon Thailand’ will bounce back from this crisis.

I advise you NOT to cancel your trip to Thailand, because the best way to support the Thai people is to come here. The economy needs you, but more importantly, there will be a lot of lonely ladies and single mums, that will be counting on your continued support.

As always thanks for visiting and enjoy the Photo Gallery below…

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