Blast From The Past: Cascade Nana Plaza 2014

Ladyboy from Cascade Go-Go Nana Plaza 2014
A ladyboy from Cascade Nana Plaza in 2014. (Photo: Dave the Rave)

This is a photo I took in 2014 at Cascade Go-Go Bar. Cascade was a ladyboy bar and at one time, it was a popular one at that. During this period, Cascade had built a large lineup, consisting of a mixed bag of go-go dancers. Among them were some of the tallest ladyboys I have ever seen. They rise above us like giant gladiators. In fact, Cascade would have had a formidable basketball team. This dancing damsels den was located on the top floor of Nana Plaza. It was tucked away in the far right corner, which has now become Geisha.

Cascade had to compete with Obsessions, an extremely popular ladyboy go-go bar, especially with Japanese customers. As such, a certain papasan would look down upon us farangs as though we were lesser human beings. Therefore, the farang ladyboy lovers would avoid Obsessions and go to Cascade instead.

I have asked Japanese men and I am informed there is no shame in being attracted to ladyboys. This is embedded deeply in the Japanese sense of an individual’s tolerance and acceptance. The Japanese philosophy on sexuality is if this is what floats your boat, then after all it is your life and therefore your preference.

Cascade did try to create its own identity. It stood out from the go-go crowd by creating stage shows and events, such as beauty pageants. Some credit has to be given to the Crown Group, as they extended the entertainment beyond the two-step shuffle. Later on in my Go-Go Guru career, when I worked for the Nana Group, I was assigned to run Cascade. Nobody else wanted to work with ladyboys, so I was assigned the general manager’s job. More about my encounters and escapades, as the Go-Go Guru another time. This particular attractive ladyboy had even experienced mongers fooled; she was simply a stunning woman with extras!

Thaimonology – ‘Farang’ is a Thai term used to describe white Westerners.