Dave the Rave Stickman Interview 20 Amazing Years in Making

Dave the Rave Stickman Interview
Dave the Rave in Bangkok 2018. (Photo: Digital-a-Go-Go)

Fairly recently, the legendary Thailand columnist Stickman Bangkok interviewed Dave The Rave Bangkok. This inimitable Dave the Rave Stickman interview was about 20 years in the making.

Both Stickman and I are similar kinsmen in that we both have longevity. Stickman is the longest-serving foreign Thailand nightlife online columnist, and Dave The Rave is Bangkok’s longest-serving foreign go-go bar boss. Also, my website is still going strong since it launched in 2006. To my knowledge, I am the only go-go bar manager to have his own popular nightlife website. Does this make me unique? Well, at least I was a pioneer!

About the Dave the Rave Stickman Interview

The Dave the Rave Stickman interview consisted of over a dozen questions, which I answered in detail. Stickman was telling me the interview (including questions) is in excess of 4,000 words, making it an epic. Everything from the sudden shock of the Covid-19 pandemic landing a devastating blow to my traumatic, life-threatening incident to where I am now, plus the revamp and relaunch of this website.

Stickman described my Dave the Rave Stickman interview with just two words, “Brutally honest.” If you want to know who is Dave the Rave and know more about me, this is the inside insight. Stickman said, “Your interview is great Dave and the readers will love it.”