Dollies of the Day – Geisha Girls

Dolly of the Day Geisha Girls

Point a camera at bargirls in Nana Plaza and you’re sure to get tackled by security or screamed at by the dollies. Unless you’re Digital a-Go-Go.

Given free reign by Nana management to take photos when and where he likes, the Plaza’s former marketing manager is welcomed around the Plaza, as these two pretties outside Geisha showed on Saturday.

Digital a-Go-Go was in Nana shooting the Butterflies 7th Anniversary Party and took time out to snap some wide-angle shots of the Plaza. As he did, these Geisha girls began waving, wanting their photos. Point. Shoot. Forget about it. Later, looking back at the 500+ photos from that night, there these two were smiling on the middle-floor concourse.

I summed up my thoughts about Geisha in one sentence earlier this week, but there are some diamonds among the rough at the top-floor bar.

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