Thailand Cuts Visa Waiver Stay to 30 Days

Visa Waiver stamps are now good for only 30 days again.
Visa Waiver stamps are now good for only 30 days again.

Thailand has reverted to its previous 30-day visa waiver policy for tourists from 64 countries, effective April 1.

The six-month promotion on the visa waiver, which allowed tourists from 64 countries to enter the country with only a passport, was extended 45 days last year, but ended without confirmation or a change of mind.

Tourists can still extend their stay in Thailand for another 30 days by visiting an immigration office before their visa expires, providing a passport photo and paying 1,900 baht.

In October, the extension from 30 to 45 days was implemented and was expected to be extended until the end of 2023. However, the governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Sports and Tourism Ministry did not follow up on their public proposal to extend the promotion, and there has been no comment from tourism bodies or government ministers.

Visa Waiver No Longer Priority

Thailand’s focus has shifted with the election campaign in full swing, and the tourism ministry’s priorities have changed over the past month.

Russian citizens were the main beneficiaries of the 45-day visa waiver, becoming Thailand’s most numerous arrivals since November.

In Phuket alone, 3,000-4,000 Russians arrived for holidays on the island, with many seeking longer stays. They will now have to settle for a 30-day visa waiver.