Halloween 2023
Halloween 2023 at Red Dragon. (Photo: Digital a-Go-Go)

They were scary. They were sexy. Some were both. The ladies of Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy went all out for Halloween 2023 in Bangkok.

Newbies might be surprised at how few bargirls dressed up for Halloween 2023. But it’s not unusual. As the papasan in Mandarin Club explained Red Dragon night, “many girls don’t want to look ugly because they think they won’t get drinks for barfines”.

So many ladies skip the dress-up altogether or walk that fine line between holiday fun and business.

But as was clear in a walk around Bangkok’s two red-light districts, plenty of ladies said the hell with business for a night to have fun getting ghoulish.

The ghouliest girls were at Red Dragon, which was on the second night of its Haunted Full Moon 1st Anniversary Party. There was a bit of glam outside for the anniversary, which featured lucky draws and special shows, but it was All Hallows inside.

The Halloween spirit was on full display for Red Dragon’s Thriller and Black Magic Woman shows. And everyone was a bit tipsy from all the 95-baht gin drinks.

As a side note, Oct. 31 also marked the end of Red Dragon and Mandarin’s happy hours, which offered all drinks for 95 baht until 9:30 p.m. and special drink deals all night. High season has arrived!

Tycoon Halloween 2023

Across the way at Tycoon aGoGo, it was full-on Halloween Madness with lots of Autumn Spice and Fireball shots warning things up for the ladies costume contest, which saw the top three winners take home thousands of baht in prizes.

A few doors down at Angelwitch, a full week of Halloween hoopla was wrapping up with Thriller and other scary songs providing the soundtrack to Halloween-themed shows. Zombie brides, mangled monsters and bloody brides took the stage every 30 minutes for the Witches Night entertainment.

Not every Nana girl chose to go ghoul for the night, however. At Billboard and Butterflies, the rule, in fact, is “sexy Halloween”. So, even if they had some fake blood or stitches, the Billboard and Butterflies Babes looked like something you’d want to take home and clean up.

Billboard, despite not throwing a formal party, was packed to the rafters. It was the place to people to go for holiday cheer and beer. Across the way, Butterflies Babe of the Year Muay stole the show with her big-boobed bloody bride getup.

Soi Cowboy Halloween 2023

There was less revelry than normal for Halloween 2023 on Soi Cowboy. The lack of costumes among the door girls and music-bar barkers was notable. The Halloween vibe on the Neon Alley definitely paled compared with Nana Plaza.

But the vibe was totally lit at Shark Club, which was on its second consecutive night of parties after Monday’s Haunted Full Moon Party. Every seat in the joint was full after 10 p.m., with only a smattering of door girls left to call in new customers and no dancers idling on the patio. Everyone was making money!

The party also was on at The Dollhouse, which got great staff participation in its ladies’ costume contest. Two cute dancers took home the cash consolation prizes, but it was the cashier of all people, dressed up a zombie in traditional Thai costume, that took home the first prize.

It was a night that everyone enjoyed at The Dollhouse, maybe none more than manager Dennis who, maybe, was dressed up as Mario. Having enjoyed those 100-bath Fireballs a lot before the clock even hit 11, Dennis wasn’t clearly able to explain just what his costume was.

Across the way at Suzie Wong, things were quieter and a lot of ladies lingered outside on the patio. Perhaps, though, customers were scared by Suzie’s best costume, a monster bride in black face that scared other girls and even those on Soi Cowboy who saw her photo!

Tonight will be a hungover Thursday but the weekend is here soon and everyone will be gearing up for the next big holiday, Loy Krathong at the end of the month.